ECO Needles

1000 needles total per box. 10 needles and 1 guide tube per sleeve.

Needles are made in fully automated factory to ensure consistent quality. Facility has state of the art quality control.

Silicone Coated. Japanese stainless steel is used for smooth needle body and pain free insertion.


No blister tray to avoid non-recyclable and non-decomposing rigid plastic.

PVC Blister trays used by other manufacturers take 1000+ years to decompose and NOT recyclable!

Gamma Ray sterilization. This is clean, safe and provides a 5 year shelf life!

Environmentally Friendly = Earth Friendly. All materials are recyclable! Back of the sleeve is paper, front is PET (or PETE) plastic (same as recyclable plastic bottles and some packaging).

Watch this video about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Do your part, avoid using non-decomposing plastic!