Herbal Spray for Athletes (120ml)



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Herbal Spray is popular among sports enthusiasts.

It provides convenient, fast-acting, and soothing support for stiff and tense muscles sprains strains, and bruises before or after (rehabilitation) physical activity. Just spray it on the affected area and keep playing. Herbal Spray can also be used in conjunction with Golden Sunshine's popular herbal patches for maximum effect.

This product is our natural herbal formula for athletes in any sport who desire immediate support or prevention of injury to sensitive areas. It is a must for the serious athlete's sports bag. The new formula has a mild scent, but it delivers powerful Cooling and soothing effect fast.

This product comes as a 120ml non-aerosol pump spray. Use it with our herbal patches for increased potency.

Soothing support for stiff and tense muscles, sprains strains and bruises.

Menthol 0.8% - Cooling and soothing, Wintergreen Oil 3% - Relaxing and soothing.

Ethanol, lycopodii serrati herba, pseudoginseng radix, zingiber rhizoma, angelicae dahuricae radix, paeoniae rubra radix, cinnamomum cortex, jasmine oil.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Herbal Spray for Athletes (120ml)