Herbal Balance Patch - (5 per pack)



Herbal Balance Patch - (5 per pack) - $24.00
This Patch is the best choice where you want to stabilize the herbs on an area like the lower back, shoulder, or joint for a longer period of time. This helps open the pores and aides in transporting the herbal formulation into the affected tissue. For increased potency, the herbal cream may be applied first allowing sufficient time for it to absorb into the skin, then apply the patch. This increases the number and amount of herbs being applied and the patch stabilizes them on the affected area for a longer period of time.

This patch is a balance between hot and cool. Good all-round patch.

Contains 5 (10 x 7.5 cm) patches

For adults and children 6 and older. Clean the affected area before use. It can be cut to size. Peel off the film and cover the affected area with a patch. For menstrual comfort, place on the abdomen. Keep on for up to 8 hours under normal conditions. Apply once or twice per day as needed. Allow skin to breath for a few hours between applications. Users with sensitive skin should test on a small area first.

Natural Chinese herbs for soothing support. SUpports blood circulation and recovery. Fast and effective.

For external cosmetic use only.

Menthol 3% - cooling and soothing;
Wintergreen Oil 0.5% - relaxing and soothing.

Sesame oil, resin, paeoniae veitchii radix, zinc oxide, drynariae rhizoma, angelica sinensis radix, carthami flos, pyritum, draconis resina, frankencense, myrrha, terebinthina, ligustiei rhizoma, achyranthis radix, acanthopanacus cortex, acori rhizoma, atractylodis rhizoma, tourmaline, saussureae radix, gentianae macrophyllae radix, cnidii monnieri fructus, cinnamonomi cortex, aconiti tuber, pinelliae tuber, dendrobii caulis, dioscoreae tokoro rhizoma, indigo carmine, tartrazine.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Herbal Balance Patch -  (5 per pack)