Herbal Extracts

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) also known as Zhōngyī is based on 2,500+ years of Chinese medical practice which includes the extensive use of herbal therapy. At times, it can be challenging to effectively treat your patients with just acupuncture alone. To assist fellow practitioners to achieve superior results in their clinic, we have become New Zealand’s sole distributor of premium TCM Herbal Extracts on behalf of the leading Taiwanese brand KO DA Pharmaceutical.

We chose to partner with KO DA because they are trusted and recommended by renowned practitioners, lecturers, schools and other industry leaders across New Zealand and Australia. For decades, KO DA is widely used in hospitals, medical centres and private clinics in Taiwan. For more information on KO DA, click here.

We stock the widest selection available in New Zealand and provide swift delivery nationwide, which is essential to treating health issues efficiently. KO DA’s Herbal Extracts are scientific, safe and powerful - the modern and convenient solution to cooking raw herbs. Wholesale for practitioner use only.

Ordering Process

  1. For wholesale access, please complete the online form here
  2. Your application will be verified to ensure that you are practitioner. Once approved, you will gain online access to wholesale pricing, products and ordering information.
  3. Alternatively, please feel free to email [email protected] or call 09 392 8888 to bypass the online system and speak directly to our friendly staff.
Whether you are starting out or wanting to change suppliers, KO DA aims to support you for the life of your practice.